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The “Little Brooklyn” of San Juan

New York City has several neighbourhoods that could be called “Little Puerto Rico” so it’s only right that San Juan, Puerto Rico, has an area that can be called Little Brooklyn. And that neighbourhood is Santurce.


Santurce is a neighbourhood with character; a neighbourhood with a story to tell. Despite the current economic crisis, it’s at the centre of an up-and-coming art scene. It now makes for an authentic safe stay in the heart of Puerto Rico’s “Little Brooklyn.”

You know the story, it’s been told and has unfolded in many areas all over the world. The title to the story? “The Hipsters Moved In”.

They are in La Placita, Calle Loíza and Barrada 23, among other places. With them comes delectable restaurants, craft cocktail bars, an abundance of food and drink options – some of which are considered to be among the best on the island. Plus, there’s also vibrant street art and creative fashion. It’s considered a place for the hip, trendy, young people of San Juan to live and start new business ventures. Santurce is Puerto Rico’s hipster haven.

Why stay at Casa Santurce?

Staying at Casa Santurce is cheaper than staying in the resort area of Condado, but is still just a short walk away. It’s better than staying directly in the colonial city of Old San Juan because there’s no beach there! In Santurce there is a large expanse beach and lagoon swimming area nearby. Condado and Ocean Park Beach are wlong with ice cream vendors and guys selling beer and water that walk along the sand all day.

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If you’re visiting San Juan, book your stay with us at Casa Santurce and what you’ll find is thought-provoking street art, fabulous food, and a beach nearby all culminating in an authentic less “touristy” stay in Puerto Rico. What more could you ask for?!

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