Best Nightlife in San Juan

There’s some great nightlife in San Juan every night of the week, you just have to know where to look!

A trip to the area wouldn’t be complete without a night of dancing at La Placita, the local ‘block party’ every weekend. You can’t go past La Factoria – a world top 50 bar that’s recently featured in the famous Despacito video! You’ll also want to listen to some live music, dance salsa and try some of the great cocktails the island has to offer!

Below, we’ve created a list of some of the places we recommend. When you stay at Casa Santurce we’ll have someone taking guests out most nights of the week  so you can meet new friends, try new places and experience the real San Juan.

The list below isn’t totally comprehensive, just our favorites. If you think we’ve left something off the list let us know in the comments section below!

Monday Night:

La Bonanza

Bomba is a traditional style of dance that is full of passion and emotion. Energetic drummers work in unison to match the dancer’s movement. At Bonanza you’ll hear the distinct drumming a mile away. You can’t help but get caught up in the rhythm!

La Bonanza stage on Monday nights

La Respuesta

Monday’s are a huge hip hop night at La Respuesta. It starts getting good around midnight, when the dance floor goes off! There is usually a cover charge to get in, but you won’t leave dissapointed.


Tuesday Night

El Local

El Local in Santurce is always crowded on a Tuesday. A dive bar with a student-vibe, the eclectic venue also has karaoke on Tuesday nights. This isn’t your usual Karaoke either! It’s pretty epic with a select playlist (aaaand, preeetty sure there’s a little auto-tune going on too!).


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Lote 23

If you’re feeling like something a little more chilled on a Tuesday, head to Lote 23. Within walking distance of the hostel, it’s a tasty food truck park that hosts a free movie night on Tuesday on Wednesday.


Wednesday Night

Conservatorio de Música

The Music Conservatory is Puerto Rico’s most prestigious music school and it’s just around the corner from us at Casa Santurce. They have free concerts every other Wednesday.  It’s usually outdoors and if it rains they go into their amphitheater.

Señor Frogs

It’s Ladies night at Señor Frogs in Old San Juan. There is a $10 cover charge, but ladies get to drink for free!


Thursday Night


Watusi is a typical chinchorro that has live music on a Thursday. Locals crowd the streets to drink cheap beers and dance to mesmerizingly lively singing by a group of drummers. It’s a short walk from the hostel and is a must-see for anyone staying with us!

Watusi in Santurce

Piso Viejo

On Thursdays Piso Viejo host free salsa classes. Even if you don’t want to partake, it’s still a bar with a cool vibe. Plus, the bar across the street, Rumors, is cool too. Calle Loiza is worth checking out for a few bars and clubs!


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Rio Piedras

This is our biggest college town, and Thursdays are the big night because there’s no class on Fridays! During the school year, streets will be closed and everything is cheap!  Check out “La Ocho” for Reggeaton & pool tables


Friday Night

La Placita

La Placita is Puerto Rico’s biggest nightlife scene, with more than 20 bars! If you want to check out the nightlife in San Juan, this is a must. Add it to you itinerary! There’s, drinking in the streets and every kind of bar: from dive bar, to fine dining, rock bar, reggaeton, gay bar, salsa, dance club. You name it, it’s there!


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Not your regular donut bar, Kudoughs is a true hipster hang out with all kinds of events (including bazaars, yoga, brunch, special menus!). Friday’s they normally have live music from 7pm. Grab a bite to eat and a cocktail! 

Funky Nightclub

Funky, on Calle Loiza, has a good club vibe. From 10pm-12am there is normally an option for $10 open bar.


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Patrick’s Irish Bar

An upstairs venue in Condado, Patrick’s has a $20 open bar from 9pm – 2am.


Saturday Night

La Factoria

A multi-room bar that has often made lists for the World’s Best Bars, Factoria has recently come to fame again when it featured in the music video for Despacito. Best to get there a little later in the evening after bar hopping around Old San Juan.


Sunday Night

La Verguenza

La Verguenza in Old San Juan,along with its 3 neighboring bars, have a great scene every Sunday. There’s live local music from 4-9pm along with amazing ocean views, lots of locals, and cheap beer!


Where to stay in San Juan?

If you’re visiting Puerto Rico, take a look at our accomodation options! Explore the nightlife in San Juan while staying at Casa Santurce. It’s easy to get to all of the venues mentioned – either by walking or taking a group Uber. Our staff take guests out every night; everyone’s invited, join us!

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