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Top 5 Transport options to get around San Juan

Wondering what your best transport options are to get around San Juan? We know you want to see everything, that’s the whole point of coming to experience the island of enchantment! So, we’ve put together a quick guide to our top 5 transport options while you’re in San Juan.

5. Taxi

Taxis are pretty expensive in Puerto Rico. However, the main advantage is that you can pay by credit card. If you’re arriving at the airport, this is the most common form of transport. If you’re booking over the phone, be sure to ask for the best price… there always seems to be room for a little discount!

Note that prices from the airport are set and will be written on a ticket before you get into the car. For example, it’s always a flat $20 to Casa Santurce from SJU International Airport.

4. Bus

San Juan has a reasonable a public bus system to help you get around. It’s not the most reliable, but it is super cheap! Regular buses cost $0.75 and the smaller buses with plush padded seats are $1. You’ll need to carry coins to pay the machine as you get on the bus.

You can check out the timetables and routes by clicking here

3. Bike

There are some great bike lanes to get around San Juan. In fact, there are 18 miles of safe lanes to get you all the way to Carolina!

If you’re into cycling, then the route to Piñones is a must! Check out www.sanjuanpuertorico.com for some nice cycle route ideas. 

You can rent a bike for a day, or if you’re planning on staying a while you can pick up a cheap run-about from Walmart for under $100.

San Juan Bike Rentals can deliver your bike straight to you! Check out their website for more details.

Top 5 Transport Options in San Juan
Walk and cycle pathways into Old San Juan with amazing views along the coast

2. Walk

Depending on where you want to go, walking can be a great option! If you’re heading in or out of Old San Juan, the walk along the coast is beautiful. Also, walking along the beach from Condado is a great way to enjoy island life!

From Casa Santurce it’s a quick walk to the Lagoon or a leisurely 15 minute stroll to Condado Beach. We recommend a self-guided walking tour of the nearby Calle Cerra Street Art. It’s also nice to spend a day meandering around the beautiful streets of colonial Old San Juan! There’s some nice little hikes in El Yunque too!


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1. Uber

Uber is great value in Puerto Rico. There is always plenty of supply around, so you never have to wait too long for a pickup.

The cars are of a high standard and the drivers are typically friendly; they’re quick to give you their own tips for tourists too! Prices are really reasonable and super competitive compared to taxis (if you’re heading to the airport from here in Santurce, it’s $8 in an Uber compared to $20 in a taxi!)

You don’t need an Puerto Rican sim card to use Uber. To be on the safe side, we’d recommend downloading the app before you get here, just incase your phone can’t receive the confirmation text while you’re abroad.

Download Uber for your trip to San Juan!

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